We provide data to help you price policies better

We collect and transform heterogeneous data from hundreds of sources, allowing you to understand the real risk of your book of business and price your policies better

Start making informed decisions now

Our multi-sided platform provides data and decision making tools to understand your risks better and find more leads in the Insurance and Real Estate industry.

Insurance & Real Estate focused

Get the information that matters to your business with enough granularity to assess each property individually

Custom datasets

We partner with our clients to generate new tailor-made datasets and models.

Improve your loss ratio

We can help you improve this key metric with our machine-learning models without compromising any private data.

API Access

Integrate your existing infrastracture to our data in just a few minutes


Risk and property data

We collect, analyze and display geographic and structural property data.





Soil impermeability



Property Value

Household Income


Social Resilience Index

Construction Type in Area


Dorothy Data Layers

We utilize ML to build custom data sets that produce unique risk insights for our clients to take their business to the next level.

"radius": 100,
"center_lat": 29.880302647138354,
"center_long": -95.24407719478837

flood_risk: {
condition: "eq",
value: 0.1 },
household_income: {
condition: "lt",
value: 10000 },


Access data from our API

Integrate our data with your current systems to complement your risk and analysis models. We help your company throughout the integration process if needed.
Get the information from addresses you know, or get all the areas that match your criteria.


Dynamic Risk Reports

Build customized reports starting with the address. Add preset data layers or upload csv data to generate unique localized risk analysis for you or your clients